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Safeguarding your privacy is very important to us. We take seriously the collection of any personally identifiable information and personal contact information ("personal information") from our visitors and are committed to protect each visitor's privacy in accordance with these policies. We use the term "visitors" to include any person that accesses our website at any point on the site for any amount of time, unless designated otherwise. Please carefully review our information collection practices and privacy protections below.

I. Who We Are and How To Reach Us?

This website is operated by Star Cable and contains material derived in whole or in part from its affiliates. Star Cable is the only operator of this website. You may contact us directly if you have any questions regarding the content and material on this website or if you have any questions about our privacy policies. Please contact us at: Attention: Webmaster Click here to send us an e-mail.

II. Participation Eligibility and Membership

We may offer membership for sweepstakes or other promotional events. To participate in sweepstakes and/or special events, you must meet the designated minimum age requirements (for example, eighteen years of age or older) for the specific event. Registered visitors for special events must also follow additional requirements posted on our website. Please see our Terms of Usage Agreement.

III. Collection of Personal Information

Our website provides visitors with detailed information about Star Cable, its services and affiliates. Visitors can also request cable services and register for certain promotions through this website. To operate and maintain these features, we collect certain non-personal and personal information from our visitors. We collect personal information from visitors, which may include first and last name, home and e-mail address, telephone number, whether a visitor is a Star Cable customer, Star Cable account information, and credit card information, when a visitor submits an inquiry, requests Star Cable's cable services or registers for additional services. We may also request personal information if we decide to survey visitors about various topics, including their television viewing preferences and how we can improve our programming, website and services. Response to our surveys is entirely voluntary. For website features that request personal information, you agree to provide accurate and current information about yourself. Your membership and/or participation in our website features will be canceled without notice if at any time we discover that you provide false information, or violate any term of our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Usage Agreement. We may retain personal information collected over our website for an indefinite amount of time to comply with various federal and state laws.

IV. Registration for Participation in Website Services

Use and Collection of Information by Star We collect personal information over our website for several important purposes that include fulfilling service requests, allowing participation and notification for sweepstakes or promotional events protecting the security of our visitors and the site, improving our services, and for future marketing and/or promotional use about our services or website. The only personal information this website obtains about you is information voluntarily provided by you to Star Cable or its affiliates. This means that a person can visit our website and navigate through the site without giving us personal information. To gauge the effectiveness of our website, we may collect non-personal information about our members and visitors, such as Internet server and browser identification, the Internet service provider, click stream information, the webpage from which a person enters our site, WebPages visited, and duration of visit and domain type. This information does not reveal a visitor's personal identity. We may offer sweepstakes or special promotional events that may be produced with the support of non-affiliated sponsors and/or promotional partners. The personal information collected by our website in conjunction with such events may also be used for the marketing of additional services and events by Star Cable and/or its promotional partners and sponsors beyond the sweepstakes and/or special event. Depending on the event, visitors will be able to either grant their approval on how their personal information will be used before it is collected ("opt-in"), or choose to deny use of their information for additional purposes ("opt-out"). For each sweepstakes and/or special event, we will post on the website applicable rules for the event, and if necessary, post any supplemental terms and conditions or privacy provisions. < Operational and Service Contract by Information of Collection Use> For the convenience of our visitors, we may offer opportunities to purchase certain goods, merchandise and other services through this website. Companies other than Star Cable, its parents, affiliates or subsidiaries may handle some of these transactions. We call these companies that conduct our e-commerce operations, online billing services and/or order fulfillment "operational providers." If you choose to use these optional services, our operational providers will request your personal information to fulfill your order or request. The voluntary submission of your personal information to these operational providers, including your order or request, will be governed by the specific provider's terms of usage and privacy policies. To process an order or request, we may share your personal information with the provider. The operational provider may also share your personal information with us. For these features or services, we request that our operational providers adhere to the provisions in Star Cable's online Privacy Policy and that such providers only share visitors' personal information collected online with Star Cable, unless necessary to complete a visitor's request or order. We also request that these providers only use the personal information for the purpose of fulfilling the request. However, you must read an operational provider's privacy policy to determine the extent of use and disclosure of your personal information collected online. Star Cable, its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries are not responsible for the collection, use and disclosure practices of operational providers, neither the Star Cable family responsible or liable for the products or services provided by operational providers.

V. Use of Tracking Devices

Use of Cookies This site uses cookies or other tracking devices. A cookie is a small data file that contains a unique identification number that a website places on your hard drive when you visit a site. The "cookie" is able to store information such as data about your computer, the type of browser you use, and how many times your computer visits a certain site. Cookies do not allow the website to access personal information that you have not already provided. We may use cookies when you log-in to our site, to track the number of sweepstakes or promotion entries, research how often visitors are visiting our website and specific pages, estimate the audience size for sponsors and advertisers, and to track visitor preferences. You can configure your browser to reject all cookies or notify you when a cookie is sent. Please contact your software manufacturer for questions on how to disable your cookies. You do not need to have cookies turned on to browse most of our website. However, if you set your browser to reject all cookies, you may find that some areas on the website will be slower, may not function at all, and/or you may not be able to participate in certain features on our website that require you to log-in or register. Use of Clear GIFs Websites of operational providers may use clear GIFs to track non-personal or personal information. A clear GIF is a tiny line of code only 1 by 1 pixel in size that is programmed to collect certain information about a visit to a particular website, such as how many visitors have accessed the site or to retrieve certain cookies and track visitor preferences. We may use clear GIFs to access certain cookies or to gather aggregate information about visitor usage patters; however, this does not include personal information about our visitors. Other websites may use clear GIFs to track non-personal or personal information. Star Cable, its parents and subsidiaries are not responsible for the use of clear GIFs by other website operators. Visitor's must review other website operators' privacy policies to determine the type and extent of tracking devices use.

VI. Use and Collection of Information by Affiliate Entities and Other Websites

Our website may post banner ads and other forms of advertisements, and/or links to the websites other entities within the Star Cable family ("Affiliate Entities"). These Affiliate Entities may independently solicit and collect personal information or send their own cookies to our visitors. Please be advised that when you leave this website to visit an Affiliate Entities' or another entity's website, you will be subject to the privacy policy and terms of usage agreement of that website operator. Star Cable, its parents and partners will not be responsible for ads and/or links or the content, activities, information collection, use and disclosure practices of other websites.

VII. Our Policy on Disclosing Your Information to Parties Other than Star Cable

We share or disclose personal information collected over our website with companies other than Star Cable when it is required by law, disclosure is necessary to operate the website or provide our services, and/or to protect the safety of our visitors, employees or property. We may in the future decide to share visitors' personal information collected over our website with other entities for other purposes. If we decide to enter into such sharing arrangements, we will disclose in this Privacy Policy the name of the entity(s) that we will share information with, what type of personal information will be shared, how the information will be used, and whether and how you will have the opportunity to opt-out if you do not want us to share your personal information. We currently conduct joint activities with other members of the Star Cable family; however, we will not share individual visitors' personal information collected over our website with these entities unless we provide notice in this Privacy Policy. The disclosure of personal information for visitors who become Star Cable’s TV customers will be in accordance with Star Cable's digital privacy statement. We may share your personal information with our operational providers or those persons, companies or agents who provide support for the internal operations of the website, such as sweepstakes fulfillment services, maintenance and technical services, and e-commerce contractors ("contract service" and "operational providers"), as necessary to provide our services or carry out our business activities. If you use a credit card for services or features on this website, our contract service or operational providers may share your personal information and credit card number with a ticket agent, a credit card processing and/or a shipping/fulfillment company in order to complete your request. We may also link to other operational providers. These providers often have their own terms of usage agreements and privacy policies. Please be advised that when you leave this website, you will be subject to the privacy policy and terms of usage agreement of the website that you are accessing. When visitors send an e-mail to us, we may disclose the content of your e-mail to Affiliate Entities or other persons. Please see our Terms of Usage Agreement. We may provide aggregate information about our visitors to our advertisers, sponsors, promotional partners and affiliates, such as how many persons visited a particular page or activity, the average age of our visitors on the site or page, or the likes and dislikes of our visitors, but this information does not include personal information about any individual visitor. We may obtain geographic information, such as zip code clustering, online and from other sources, but this aggregate information will not reveal any personal information about a specific visitor. In event of a sale or transfer of Star Cable assets including its database, customer information may be transferred. Star Cable will require the recipient of this information to comply with Star Cable's privacy policy.

VIII. How to Add, Change, or Delete Personal Information

You may be able to add, change or delete certain personal information submitted to us online by contacting us via e-mail. Certain information fields are required and cannot be deleted for security purposes or in accordance with various laws. We encourage you to keep us informed about any changes in your personal information.

IX. Our Security Procedures

We require our employees to protect the privacy of all information collected over our website. Only employees and persons with specific authorization have access to databases containing visitors' personal information. The databases are protected in a secure facility. Financial and/or credit card information is transmitted via encrypted technology. If we decide to share visitor information with other members of the Star Cable family, the receiving entity will also maintain the security and integrity of personal information collected over our website.

X. Notification of Changes in the Privacy Policy

We may review our security measures and Privacy Policy on a periodic basis, and we may modify our policies as Star Cable deems appropriate. We may also change or update our Privacy Policy if we add new services or features and will post these changes in this policy. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

XI. Children's Privacy Policy

Star Cable respects the privacy of your child and we want to share with you our policies regarding children under the age of thirteen. We also offer parents and guardians additional guidelines to help keep your child's personal information safe and your family's Internet participation enjoyable. Please see Guidelines for Parents. We have developed this site to appeal to adult visitors (visitors who are eighteen and older). Although visitors of all ages may navigate through our website, we only collect personal information from adult visitors who have requested information about our cable or other services and who can verify credit and billing information. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen. If upon notification by a parent or guardian, or discovery by other, means that a child under thirteen has improperly registered on this site by using false information we will immediately cancel the child's membership and/or participation, and delete the child's personally identifiable information from our records. If we decide to request information from children, we will require verifiable parental consent before we collect any personal information from children under thirteen years of age, except in the following circumstances allowed by law. For example, we may collect personal information from a child to provide notice and get consent from a parent or guardian; to respond to a one-time request from a child, after which we will immediately delete the child's information; to protect the safety of a child who is participating on this site; to protect the security or integrity of the site, to take precautions against liability or to respond to a validly executed subpoena or warrant from law enforcement, or if permitted under other provisions of law. Please contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy. Thank you for visiting!